4 millions Series A round closed


Next round, a Series B of CHF 15 millions will open by beginning of 2019 (approx. EUR 13.5mio or USD 15mio)


We welcome family offices, private equity firms, and Venture Capital firms to contact us directly for further details.


PB&B SA today is:

– Over $5 million raised in Seed financing & Government innovation grants

– Funding discussions open & on-going between Europe, USA, Africa and Asia

– An upcoming $15 millions series B will be sought after a proof of concept in humans by beginning of 2019.


If you have question first look at the FAQ or send us a message using the contact form.


Why should you invest ? Because… :
  • … PB&B holds 100% of its IP; no royalty or equity stakes taken by academic partners or incubator.
  • … PB&B has found the natural & biological solution to fight facial aging. We respect & follow how the body naturally functions at its best. We use only molecules naturally found in the human body to keep you young & ageless.
  • Bilan recommended PB&B as one of the top 50 Swiss start-ups to invest in (Feb 2015).
  • … PB&B’s technology may render body shaping (breasts/buttock) natural & non-surgical. No more implants, only bigger natural breasts with a simple injection.
  • … the Aesthetics market is growing continuously globally regardless of economic conditions; the ageing global population will only further increase demand.


If you are convinced by our technology and products and are interested in investing or looking for more informations, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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