PB&B SA is a Swiss MedTech company founded in 2013 by bioengineers focused on making Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery procedures natural. We are developing biodegradable microspheres Small spherical structures; Size: fraction of 1 mm loaded with lipids Fat molecules, these combine together to give the volume of a fat cell. A lipid is a naturally present nutrient and precious source of energy for the body to increase the volume of adipose tissues Fat tissues.

With pre-clinical studies conducted in collaboration with Swiss academic institutes, US cGMP manufacturer and an international CRO, our work is supported by the government’s CTI (Commission for Technology and Innovation | Swiss Confederation) and Office of Economic Affairs (SPECo | Canton de Vaud).

GLP level clinical studies are set to begin in 2017 and human phases are planned for 2018.

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Management Team

Meet our team of bioengineers working internationally with doctors and scientists to develop its exciting technology and products.

Anthony Aho – CEO & Co-Founder

Lead: Business Development Strategy, Fundraising, PR & Communication.

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Anthony is a Swiss-Canadian bioengineer and entrepreneur. He studied at EPFL and obtained a BSc in Life Sciences and a MSc in Bioengineering & Biotechnology. He worked as scientific collaborator in clinical research at CHUV and in teaching at private and public schools.

Languages: English, French, Portuguese (Brazilian)

Lifestyle: Adventure travelling (+30 countries), Skiing, Surfing, and Downhill mountain biking.



Sergio Klinke – COO and Co-Founder

Lead: Clinical Trials, Regulatory, Finances and Accounting, Corporate administration

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Sergio is a Swiss-Italian bioengineer and entrepreneur. He studied at EPFL and obtained a MSc in Bioengineering & Biotechnology and a MSc in Management of Technology & Entrepreneurship. He worked as Clinical Trials Associate at Celgene (Pharma) & Medtronic (Med Tech) after one year of preclinical experience on breast development at the Swiss Institute for Cancer Experimental Research (ISREC).

Languages: English, French, Italian

Lifestyle: Cooking, Car restoration, Wind surfing



 Sandeep Raghunathan – Ph.D- Chief of Strategy and Science & Co-founder

Lead:  Long term and operational Strategy, Science

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Sandeep is a Indian bioengineer and entrepreneur. He studied at EPFL and obtained a MSc in Chemical engineering and a Ph.D in Bioengineering specializing in vaccine delivery using nanoparticles. He free lances as a geopolitical analyst along with this and has had extensive experience in a variety of scientific fields ranging from Spectrography to cognitive neuroscience in some of the best labs in the world.

Languages: English, Tamil, Hindi, Bengali, French (a smattering)

Lifestyle: Researches macroeconomics and human behaviour, Rock climbing, Skiing, Hiking, Whisky and classical music.


Research partners & Advisory board



Scientific, Clinical & Medical Advisor

Dr. Pierre Quinodoz  – President of the Swiss Society for Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery (SSCPRE) and holder of the European board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Quinodoz has completed numerous training courses in surgical techniques, notably in the United States, in Brazil and Australia. His work has received several distinctions, such as the prize from the Swiss Society for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic surgery for his doctoral thesis in 1999. He set up his private practice in Geneva in 2001 and works in some of the best surgical infrastructures in Switzerland. He is also a founding member of the Swiss Society for Aesthetic Surgery (SSME).


Business & Strategy Advisor

Aubrey Rankin  – Aubrey is the CEO and Co-founder of HintMD, Inc., a technology start-up based in Silicon Valley that is bringing to market an ExpertCommerce™ Platform to better address the needs of Aesthetic Consumers. Formerly he was Vice President of Asia-Pacifc at ZELTIQ Aesthetics.

Our Story

PB&B started in 2003 when the co-founders met in the faculty of Life Sciences of EPFL. They had a passion for Aesthetics and the vision to use the knowledge of Life Sciences to render the most demanded plastic surgery procedures natural.

10 years later they co-founded the company following winning Venture Kick’s innovation and entrepreneurship prizes ($130,000) with the promise to make breast augmentation natural and non-surgical.

Since PB&B has only kept gaining momentum and support from a growing network of academic research institutes, local and national economic and innovation government offices, and private investors.

Market & Positioning

During the aging process, the amount of hyaluronic acid Substance naturally found in the body but in fillers has been chemically modified to persist longer; acts like an inflated cushion that slowly biodegrades. (HA) in the face decreases leading to a loss of cell hydration and elasticity.

PB&B is positioning itself in the market of fillers Substances used to add volume, diminish facial lines, and in certain cases for body shaping. Hyaluronic acid is the most popular filler. and fat transfer procedures. Market entry strategy is directed towards anti-aging and facial rejuvenation of the mid-facial area, currently dominated by hyaluronic acid Substance naturally found in the body but in fillers has been chemically modified to persist longer; acts like an inflated cushion that slowly biodegrades. (HA).



85% of Plastic Surgeons:

Fat is the Future

Beauty through Science, Stockholm 2012

While talking with surgeons, it came up that fat tissues are the best material for plastic surgeons to reshape or reconstruct the face or body. Fat transfer – the extraction of fat from one area of the body that is re-injected into another – has been performed for over 120 years! Unfortunately the procedure remains unpredictable and many patients do not have sufficient fat available.



  • Facial rejuvenation & Anti-aging
  • Breast enhancement
  • Buttock enhancement
  • Hand rejuvenation
  • Acne scars
  • Correction of body deformities



We use only molecules naturally present in the body

Our products have been developed by listening to surgeons’ needs and to the growing demand of patients for natural and less invasive approaches to Aesthetics. Inspired by how the human body functions at its best, we simply set out to replicate this feat by giving to the body what it really needs.

Regional Aesthetic Market Growth Rates Previsions


10.5 %

In spite of the current economy and increased regulatory pressures on everyone in the medical industry, medical aesthetics continues to experience a healthy, double-digit growth in many sectors worldwide as reported in the Global Aesthetics Market (GAM) XI study.

Total sales of aesthetic products in 2012 exceeded $5.7 billion, up from $4.9 billion in 2011. Through 2017 the market is expected to expand by 11.6% per year to $9.9 billion; this is the time at which we plan on entering the market.

Worldwide sales of fillers accounted for $1.2 billion (+8.3%) in 2012 and is strongly dominated by hyaluronic acid. The top Aesthetic market is the US, followed by Brazil, China and Japan.