PB&B is a Swiss MedTech startup developing a new generation of fillers Substances used to add volume, diminish facial lines, and in certain cases for body shaping. Hyaluronic acid is the most popular filler. and anti-aging medicine for plastic surgeons and dermatologists.

Our patented technology stimulate a patient’s soft tissues Tissues that connect, support, or surround organs such as skin, fat or blood vessels. to naturally gain volume with locally delivered lipids Fat molecules, these combine together to give the volume of a fat cell. A lipid is a naturally present nutrient and precious source of energy for the body. .

Patient’s advantages




Longer-term results than fillers


Biodegradable Degrades due to the body’s biological mechanisms. & Biocompatible Not harmful to living tissue or body. A biocompatible material is well tolerated by the body and does not trigger any side effects or significant immune reaction in the body.


Non-surgical solution to fat transfer Surgical technique where fat is taken from the body and re-injected into a different area. Applied to face to look younger or for body shaping (eg. breast/buttock enhancement).

PB&B Facial Volumizer

As we age, fat tissues decrease and lose volume causing the face to sag and wrinkles to appear. PB&B is the 1st to stimulate the patient’s tissues to reverse the aging process. Our microspheres re-volumize fat tissues to make you look naturally younger.



Meet our team of bioengineers working together with Swiss academic institutes and doctors to develop this exciting technology and products.

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Learn more about the disruptive technology that will revolutionize the world of anti-ageing and cosmetic procedures.

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